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Cannabis Extraction Safety: Safety Tips for Lab Facilities

Posted on Sep 2, 2021 4:10:59 PM

In today's growing cannabis extraction segment, workplace safety is always top of mind. Licensed operators must meet strict building, equipment, and fire codes to reduce the risk of injury to workers and consumers alike.

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Cannabis Distillate: Behind the Making of Pure & Potent Liquid Gold

Posted on Mar 9, 2021 7:48:22 AM

Cannabis distillates are the ultra-refined extracts from the cannabis plant found in vape cartridges, edibles, and topical products worldwide. Distillates contain a single cannabinoid in pure and potent oil. Their amber-colored and translucent appearance does not start off that way. A series of extraction and purification processes convert the raw cannabis and hemp plant material into the marijuana distillate found in a significant amount of cannabinoid-based products.

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Harvesting Hemp Biomass: From Raw Materials to End Product

Posted on Mar 3, 2021 5:25:24 AM

Hemp harvests are finally seeing their time in the sun. From its inner hurd to its CBD-rich flowers, hemp serves several industrial and therapeutic purposes. Hemp's legalization has particularly allowed the market to catch up with demand.

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Cannabis Production by State: A Snapshot Into the Extraction Industry

Posted on Jan 6, 2021 12:15:42 PM

Cannabis oil might as well be called cannabis gold due to its high demand and value across the world. In the United States, the world's largest cannabis market, marijuana and hemp production has been fueled by the vast amounts of medical and adult-use marijuana products available. Think marijuana extracts, topicals, edibles, and other infused creations.

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How to Identify Common Cannabis Scaling Challenges In Production

Posted on Dec 21, 2020 10:17:43 AM

Maintaining a competitive edge in the extraction segment means staying ahead of the fast-expanding cannabis industry. As a pure-play cannabis extractor, you’re subject to unique scaling challenges that cultivators and retailers don’t face. Throughout every step of the supply chain, large scale processing companies are met with risky business decisions that could slow down cannabis production and compromise consumer trust.

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Boosting Cannabis Capacity: Crafting Award-Winning Extracts at Scale

Posted on Nov 4, 2020 7:26:55 AM

Cannabis production techniques aren’t like they used to be. And that’s a good thing. Now, you can create award-winning medical and adult-use extracts at scale with the utmost safety measures available. Simply producing cannabis oil isn’t enough to stand out from the competition. In today’s highly competitive extract and derivative product market, staying one step ahead from current demand is key to withstanding the storms and thriving in the most high-demand cannabis markets.

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Cannabis Production and Processing: State of the Industry

Posted on Oct 29, 2020 2:14:13 PM

Cannabis production is a tough game, but those that can take the heat can reap huge payoffs. Knowing how to maneuver through the regulations, innovations, research, and trends can leave growers and processors scrambling to keep up in this fast-paced environment.

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Key BHO Production Factors

Posted on Oct 23, 2019 12:27:00 PM

Cannabis concentrate popularity may slowly dwarf flower sales with estimates that see extracts reaching over $13.78 billion in revenue by 2026. High-quality concentrates such as distillates and high-terpene full-spectrum extracts (HTFSE) can be used to make everything from vape cartridges to edibles to topicals for a consumer base starving for product variety. Solvent-based extraction methods are typically used to produce higher, safer, and purer yields than amateur and dangerous open-blasting techniques.

Hydrocarbons such as butane and propane are the solvent of choice for many licensed manufacturers when making butane hash oil (BHO) concentrates. Butane is non-polar and has a relatively low boiling point (31.1ºF), which is particularly helpful when preserving terpenes with lower boiling points than cannabinoids. Besides the solvent solution used, manufacturers must consider multiple factors to determine how much material their equipment will be able to process in a shift.

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Extraction Equipment Financing Q&A: Helo Capital

Posted on Oct 18, 2019 12:49:51 PM

Getting financing as a cannabis company is littered with federal and banking obstacles that prevent cannabis companies from securing funding to scale. Even entrepreneurs with sizable earnings saved up may require non-traditional financing options to be financially prepared.

Michael Grillo of financing company Helo Capital, specializes in merchant cash advances for businesses looking to get quick capital even with complicated credit scores. Cannabis-friendly financing companies like Helo offer an opportunity for businesses that have nowhere else to turn.

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What Is Closed-Loop Extraction? A Look at Process, Safety & Benefits

Posted on Aug 12, 2019 10:05:00 AM

The rise of cannabis concentrates has created a need for increasingly powerful, automated, and safe industrial-grade extraction equipment for botanicals. While manufacturers employ a variety of solvent-based and solventless extraction techniques to create cannabis concentrates, light hydrocarbon extraction, i.e. BHO, is the most efficient method.

Modern BHO extraction systems don't just comply with building and fire codes, they help businesses scale operations and meet growing demand for pure and flavorful full-spectrum extracts.

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IO Extractor


Cut Labor Costs
Automated controls eliminate weeks or months of apprenticeship training required for manually controlled hydrocarbon systems.

Eliminate Operator Error
A pre-programmed recipe-monitoring system checks pressures and temperatures hundreds of times per second to remove the risk of operator error.

Increase Capacity
Our system's processing capacities enable the efficient handling of 15 lbs of dried plant material in 55 minutes, yielding a daily output of 375 lbs and 20 lbs of fresh-frozen material in 35 minutes, resulting in an impressive daily throughput of 700 lbs.

Improve Run Time
With intuitive controls and toolless operation, you'll enjoy faster turnaround times, consistent quality products, and a significant edge in the market--embrace the power of automation.

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