Luna Technologies Becomes Exclusive Pre-Approved Hydrocarbon Extraction Equipment Provider in Canada

This September, Luna Technologies received its Canadian Registration Number, the first hydrocarbon extraction equipment manufacturer to achieve this goal.

Our IO Extractor, a fully automated hydrocarbon extractor capable of processing 20 pounds per hour of biomass with the push of a button, is now the ONLY hydrocarbon cannabis oil extractor that is pre-approved for use in Canada. Processors who want to get a jump on production can utilize our equipment right out of the box, without waiting for CRN registration. Customers will be sent a registration number along with the equipment.


What This Means

  • On October 17, 2019, extracts made with light hydrocarbon (i.e. butane hash oil, or BHO) will be legal to produce in Canada
  • On December 17, 2019, extracts produced with light hydrocarbon will be legal to sell and consume
  • The approval process for a Canadian Registration Number (CRN) can take 6 months or more, and must meet rigid requirements and statutes

Canadian processors who do not have hydrocarbon extraction equipment with an existing CRN will most likely not be ready to produce extracts made from hydrocarbon solvents by the October 17th deadline.

Luna Technologies is therefore in a unique position to help Canadian processors ramp up their production capabilities quickly and produce full-spectrum, live resin products that have not existed in the Canadian market up to this point.

The Process

The process for getting approved for a CRN is lengthy and meticulous. Our expert engineering team partnered with Canadian engineering firms to evaluate each component needing CRN review. Any components that did not have CRN were replaced with Canadian approved devices.

We then submitted the final design package to the appropriate safety authority in Nova Scotia and waited for review. (We selected Nova Scotia because it is where we expect to have the first Canadian hydrocarbon extractor installed). The safety authority reviewed our design and documentation showing compliance for every pressurized piping component in the IO system. This alone was a 2-4 month process.

Once the final design was approved and granted a CRN in Nova Scotia, we submitted to each of the other Canadian provinces. Each of these took 2-4 weeks for approval.

The Solution

As you can see, the process of getting final approval for the entire country of Canada was not easy. Luckily for our customers, and for producers looking to take advantage of the new law regarding hydrocarbon extraction, the IO is fully approved, fully automated, and fully ready to process high volumes of plant material. For producers looking to scale quickly and get a head start in this new market, the IO is the perfect solution.

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IO Extractor


Cut Labor Costs
Automated controls eliminate weeks or months of apprenticeship training required for manually controlled hydrocarbon systems.

Eliminate Operator Error
Pre-programmed recipe-monitoring system checks pressures and temperatures hundreds of times per second to remove risk of operator error.

Increase Capacity
Process 18 pounds of dried plant material or 25 pounds of fresh-frozen material per run. Single operator can process 400 pounds of biomass in a single day.

Improve Run Time
50-minute average run time with a 10-minute soak. Run-to-run changeover times of two minutes.

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